Unlock your potential
by developing an intimate relationship
with your dreaming mind.

Logo DDD Dream Decoding Drawing

Dream Decoding Drawing

is for you …

    •  if you want to dive deep into lucid dreaming


    •  are curious working with a dream shadow element or


    •  want to learn how to decode your personal dreams


Then you are very welcome to book an online video call with me. I will help and support you to strengthen your dream practice, your understanding of dreams and how dreaming can inform waking reality. Please let me know if you have specific goals and I will do my best to meet your wish.

There are no drawing skills needed. If you can hold a pen and write your name you’ve got all the prerequisites to carry out a DDD successfully.

Dream Decoding Drawing

propably not for you …

The service I offer is for a small group of people and therefore might not be for you – and that is absolutely okay.

To make sure that you spend your precious time and financial resources well, please, for your own benefit, read following text carefully so you are able to make an informed decision about wehter booking an 1-on-1 appointment with me, is the right thing to do.

First, while exploring your dreaming mind, you will most probably have to share some uncomfortable or intimate dream images with me. Secondly, DDD is designed in a way that will connect you to your emotions too, like fear, shame, disgust, aggression, anger, sexual arousal, etc. In doing so, I can help you to harness your inner gifts and treasures overcoming blockages that are limiting or reducing wakefulness in your life and dreams. But if you prefer for your emotions to not be exposed or shared, please refrain from booking an appointment with me.

To be clear, I’m not a healer, therapist or medical doctor. If you have a mental health diagnosis, please seek advice with your health care provider prior to setting up an 1:1 session with me.

At all times, the responsibility of a dream, stays with the dreamer (meaning “you”), and I will honour and respect your dreams and dignity to my best.

What to bring

  •  You will need at least two different colour pencils (a set of colour pencil preferred) and

  •  several sheets of blank paper (min. size A4)

Conditions for Scheduling

  1. You agree that coaching and training in lucid dreaming is a form of education, and is not a form of professional advice, or medical or psychological treatment.

  2. You are not currently struggling with a mental illness, and you are not seeking coaching and/or training in lucid dreaming to help you with a mental health problem.

Booking Policies

By booking an appointment, you agree to:

  • 24 business hour’s notice is required to reschedule your appointment without forfeiting your session fee.
  • All bookings are non-refundable.
  • In the rare event that an unavoidable emergency comes up for the instructor, and your session is cancelled, your fee will be credited to a future session.
  • By default, coaching sessions take place over Zoom unless you specify FaceTime, Telegram, or Signal prior to session. (*Install “Zoom” by clicking here: for Desktop or Mobile iOS or Android)
  • Keep a phone or computer close where you can be reached during online appointments in case there are connection or technical difficulties. Test your audio/video prior to the appointment to ensure a quality connection.
  • Please ensure that during your session you are in a quiet environment, using a microphone headset, and your internet connection is strong and stable.
  • Consultations will be given in English or German.


I have a sliding scale of cost for single sessions of EUR 88 – EUR 210 a single session being 1 hour long. Two follow up email exchanges are included.

Choose to pay what you can afford within that range. A discount for individuals on a low income may be available upon request hello@dreamdecoding.art


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