Your Dreams

Unlock your potential
by developing an intimate relationship
with your dreaming mind.

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Dream Decoding Drawing

is a visual approach to dream work that can connect you with your dreaming mind. Not only will it allow you to become more familiar with your inner landscape, it will help you to decode and articulate what your dreams are showing you. It can impact your life in the following way:

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Connect with your Inner Dreamer

Develop an intimate connection within your inner world of dreams and watch how your relationship with it deepens.

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Impact on Waking Reality

Remember the significance of your dreams and their potential of informing your waking life with crucial information.

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Emotional Relieve

Lighten the load of an emotional disturbing dream and watch it transform in front of you.

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Inner Compass – Guru Free

Gain insights, understanding and orientation directly from your own dreaming mind.

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Habits & Pattern Recognition

Recognize patterns in your dreaming mind to see clearly what is holding you back in waking reality and which parts of yourself you need to be heard.

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Inspiration & Creative Power

Receive inspiration and gain access to your limitless creativity. Find solutions or make innovative discoveries from within.

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Personal Growth

Take opportunity to face any fear or challenging situation you want to resolve through the help of the dreaming mind. Use your dreams for personal growth and self-inquiry.

What other people say

Leah Larwood Clinical Hypnotherapist

Leah L.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, UK

“I’ve been lucid dreaming for almost ten years and I’ve always felt deeply connected to my dreams. However, I’ve been having one particular recurring dream for over two years now, and recently the dream became a ‘shadow dream’. Flo taught me the DDD approach to help with this. I can’t draw, but that didn’t matter in the slightest! Flo’s approach meant I could go even deeper and decode my dream, really understand what the dream was telling me and what it was that I needed. It was a really easy way in and after the process I instantly found a solution. It’s a brilliant approach, thanks for sharing this with me Flo, I’ll be using it on myself and with others in the future.”

Logo DDD Dream Decoding Drawing

Henri Yoki

Serial Entrepreneur

“Florian’s dream decoding is a very useful method to dig deeper to the meaning of dreams. I’d say it is worthwhile to check it out. Also, he is a very warm hearted guy, so you can expect to have him supporting you all the way!”

Logo DDD Dream Decoding Drawing

Olivier L.


“Florian hat mir geholfen die Bedeutung eines bestimmten Traumes zu entschlüsseln und dessen Botschaft klar zu verstehen. Es ist faszinierend, wie diese abstrakten Traumbilder zu sinnvollen Inspirationen und Wegweiser für den Alltag werden können.”

Testimonial Monica Varo

Monica Varo

Hypnotherapist & NLP

“Absolutely amazing how Florian connected with the dreamer! It was great to see how drawing can encourage us to to express emotions that we can’t usually express in words! Loved it!!!”

Logo DDD Dream Decoding Drawing

Fi Thompson

British Military Officer and Yoga Teacher, UK

“Florian is a unique and truly inspiring individual who speaks from the heart and a place of deep knowledge on mindfulness of dream and sleep. He is so genuine and passionate about his work and he has an innate ability to share this with others in such a compelling and easy to follow and understanding way.

I could listen to him for hours – he is one of life’s little gems who radiates kindness and compassion. I would have no hesitation in recommending his creative and insightful workshops and classes – an absolute must for anyone interested in dream work and beyond.”

Zbyněk Merhaut Testimonial

Zbyněk Merhaut

Czech Republik

“Líbí se mi, jak Florián spojuje umění a práci se sny. Naučil jsem se od něj, jak kresby mohou pomoci pochopit význam snů.”

Testimonial Mirka Papajikova

Mirka Papajiková

Lektorka, Choreografka
Czech Republik

„Florian svým citlivým přístupem dovede v člověku otevřít úplně novou rovinu vnímání. Díky němu své schopnosti lucidity i učení se ze snů neustále prohlubuji a rozvíjím, což do mého života přináší nový pozitivní rozměr.“

Maria Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher, Germany

“Dream Decoding Drawing helped me to understand the symbolical language of a dream that I first perceived as very disturbing.

Through the method of breaking up the dream, and then drawing the parts separately, I was able to see the message the dream wanted to deliver, and as a result the dream lost its disturbance. Converting the written words that were in my dream diary to the same form as the dream uses – the form of images – this was so useful to me. I can also highly recommend Florian’s guidance through this process.

Even if your drawing skills are not yet very developed, as it is in my case, this isn’t of any importance – this method is suitable for everyone. Thank you very much Florian for adding such a useful and wonderful tool to my dream practice!”

Testimonial Michaela Ćiháková

Michaela Ćiháková

Czech Republic

Dreams are for me a way how to reach deeper layers of my psyche to which I don’t have access while awake.

Thanks to dream interpretation which Florian uses in his lessons, I’ve become better oriented in myself, my feelings and thought patterns, which are rooted under the surface. As a result, I’ve experienced insights and understanding of my very own inner processes. I consider that a cure and a path to wholeness.

I grew fond of Florian as a teacher because he can create a completely safe and accepting environment where one doesn’t have to be afraid to open any topic. Nothing is too sad, dark, weird or embarrassing – everything is welcomed. I also very much appreciate that Florian doesn’t force any advice or opinions on you but supports you to find your own treasure inside yourself. Florian sees you and feels you and just this is a healing aspect of attending his dream circles.

Gilles le Picard

Qi qong teacher & masseur Thai

“Secure, deep, professional and human!”

Marika Yoki, PhD​


“D.D.D. is a jewel, I feel like I’ve received a precious gift. Florian’s style is very safe, warm, caring.

Michael Reith

United Kingdom

“Great structure, super engaging. Great decoding system. Really perfect/flawless. 10/10!!! Lucid”

Logo DDD Dream Decoding Drawing

Kristýna Nováková

Czech Republic

“I tend to see several layers and several different meanings in my dreams. And when I try to decode my dreams it is difficult to understand the message and sometimes I end up lost and confused.

When I used Florian’s technique for the first time and drew one of my dreams out I could clearly see very important patterns from my life emerging. The drawing helped me to connect to my feelings.

And then the magic happened and I got into the so called “message delivered” state of mind. I could identify with the message in my body, heart and mind. That’s what I call healing.

Florian’s Dream Decoding Drawing gave me a helpful technique and also a gentle guiding.”

Jane Weston

United Kingdom

“Fascinating. Revealing. Valuable.”

Karine Campbell

Holistic Practitioner and Dream Work Facilitator, UK

“Fantastic. Amazing method of exploring emotional links and dream language. He explained his method with gentle, patient, sensitivity.”


United Kingdom

“Calm, clear and very practical. Felt safe with you teaching this. A beneficial and very insightful and creative method. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Testimonial Seanin


Northern Ireland

“If you’re reading this right now, this is exactly where you need to be. If you found Florian ‘by chance’ or he has been recommended to you, it’s no coincidence. This gifted soul is here to help you. He will know what to do. This I know for sure.

I’m a very intuitive soul but the message I needed to hear wasn’t getting through to me. I was so confused. Doubting myself. Feeling like I couldn’t understand what I needed to do next.

Having an opportunity to connect with Florian, helped me remember the importance and significance of our dreams. His gentle, powerful, intuitive nature helped to create a safe space to explore the dreams I was experiencing.

Using a clever visual technique, together we were able to unlock the many layers within the dream. I understood what I needed to do next. I acted on it. I experienced a huge transformation in my life. The dream was revealing the information and insights I needed to move through the confusion.

I am so thankful, beyond words. I was stuck and needed help. We aren’t here to do this journey alone. I am so thankful Florian follows his own inner compass in order to provide this help. I’m trying my best to put into words, I’m eternally thankful for his help. Life before this dream. Life after. This is the kind of transformation that is available. Thank you.”

Sarah Woods

Drama Therapist, Ireland

“So clear. Wonderful holding facilitation style clear, gentle, strong.

I explained the DDD exercise to a family member in two minutes and immediately they came to an understanding of a dream that they did not had before!”

Rosanne Jacks

Language Educator, Bristol UK

“Great new technique and very clear instructions. Insightful. Very good that you explained each step and your logic during the process. Helping someone to decipher the meaning of a dream but without interfering with your own opinion. So powerful – made subject cry!”


United Kingdom

“Thank you for being you! For a complete process. Great safety – and you kept yourself out of the way.”


United Kingdom

Florian skilfully took me through this simple process he designed & I was amazed by the amount of insight I’ve gained from the exercise! Our subconscious communicates with us regularly & it is wonderful that we now have a process we can use to decode the messages.

Thank you, Florian!”


Dream Decoding Drawing
uses the following approaches:

Logo DDD Dream Decoding Drawing

Engaging, Calm & Sensitive Guidance

while exploring your inner world of dreams.

Logo DDD Dream Decoding Drawing


The process of drawing often bypasses the logical mind and the capacity to overthink. Instead, you’ll access a different layer of knowing.

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Meet in person or online through video call (Zoom, Telegram, Facetime, WhatsApp, Signal)

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No Drawing Skills Needed

If you can hold a pen and write your name, you've got all the necessary skills required

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Lucid dreams, nightmares, regular non-conscious dreams, hypnagogic imagery, daydreams, trance induced images

Dream Decoding Drawing works with many different sources of visual information.

Your Dreams

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