Below you will find online material to support you and everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus). Those meditations and instructions, collected from different teachers I trust, shall help you to keep a healthy mind and show you a way how to release stress accumulated in your body. By doing those practices you are getting out of the Fight, Flight and Freeze Response and are able to make more conscious decisions whenever needed. May this material be beneficial to you and your loved ones.


Coherent Breathing Exercise – when you need to calm your mind

This simple breathing technique will help calm your mind within minutes. Inhale as the wave falls and exhale as the wave rises. Remain perfectly still and breathe along with the wave. Intervals of inhalation and exhalation should be of same length. Within a few minutes you will feel your body and mind relax by itself.

Coherent Breathing was developed by scientist Stephen Elliot and clinically proofed to shift people out of the fight, flight, freeze response. Breathing at an approximate frequency of five breaths per minute showed the most benefits for the majority of people.

Compassion in the Time of Coronavirus – Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield teaches meditation internationally since over 50 years and is one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is offering a free meditation to keep your mind clear and your heart open.

Headspace – Free Meditations

Headspace is offering free support during the current global crisis within their meditation app. The collection is called Weathering the storm and it includes meditations, sleep, and movement exercises to help you with your feelings and to find some space and kindness for yourself and those around you. Available in different languages like English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Listen now to three different meditation tracks on Relieving Stress, Walking at Home and Feeling Overwhelmed directly in your browser or get the app here.

Free Non-Linear Movement Method® class by Michaela Boehm

This very simple movement excercice developed by Michaela Boehm will help you to release stress accumulated in your body. You can listen to this track and follow the instructions, but if you prefer you can do the practice without music as well by your own.

Michaela is a lineage holder in Kashmir Shaivism and has trained extensively in multiple forms of yoga and bodywork. She received degrees in Psychology and further extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, and NLP.

Ep32: Michaela Boehm – Pandemic Edition – Guru Viking Podcast

Steve James from the Guru Viking Podcast is creating a special series on the topic of anxiety, fear, panic, isolation and death, and how to deal with it from different perspectives.

In this episode he interviewed Michaela Boehm who gives advise on how to release stress during difficult times on a daily basis.

Covid-19 Dreams

These days the human race is faced with a pandemic and people around the world fear about their lives, the lives of their loved ones and family members, about the future, being isolated, to be in physical pain, about loosing their work, their income streams and are in great distress.

Some people might speak open about their fears, other might hide them or even reject them. But at night while dreaming, our subconsciousness has showtime. There is no hiding our fears anymore. We all dream several times every night, no matter our cultural background, our finances, educational background or social upbringing. Dreaming is one crucial aspect which unites us as humans all around the world. It can bring emotional healing and can lead us to feel more compassionate for ourselves and others.

But now during this pandemic, nightmares or disturbing dreams may occur more frequently than usual. To reject those nightmares mean neglecting the great potential of insights and healing power those disturbing dreams hold for us. One way of looking at nightmares is to see them as “dreams shouting at you“, so they can get their message finally through to you. Well are you listening? … Cause if you don’t the dream might recur, again and again. But lucky us there are different ways how to deal and integrate those fearful aspects within your dreaming mind. One of them is Dream Decoding Drawing which I offer as a service.

To see for yourself that you are not alone with your disturbing dreams I started to collect dreams connected to Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Please feel free to sent me your personal dream story in written form, as an audio file or as a drawing so I can add it here to the collection.

May we listen to our nightmares to see through them

Dream: Black Monkey Kiss

While in bed I feel strong pressure on my lips. I open my eyes and see a little black monkey sitting on my chest trying to kiss me! I fight hard to push the animal away. I’m afraid I will catch a virus because of it. At the same time I hear a voice in the background saying: “You are a man. You want something more …”

Next I’m driving a long heavy truck along a newly built forest road out of the Amazon jungle. I stop and make a break to see how the others are doing in our convoy of eighteen-wheelers. We wait together and continue our long journey towards east.

Dream: Shaking Hands on a Cruise Ship with Chinese passengers

I’m on a cruise ship. My mother is there as well but I can’t see her. Being polite to our Chinese passengers who are leaving the ship we all shake hands. But immediately I think, “What a bad idea to do so?! Where can I wash my hands now? …“ I exit the ship to find a lavatory which I finally do. I wash my hands carefully with soap.