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Dream Decoding Drawings

Below you will find some real life examples of Dream Decoding Drawings created during guided sessions.

Reality Checks

is an ongoing art project documenting Florian’s dream yoga practice. Employing the Weird Technique to any strange situation, coincidence, abnormalities, synchronicities or déjà vus in his waking reality, Florian asks himself the serious question, “Am I dreaming?”, followed by a so called “Reality Check“.

The RC he chose for this project is looking at his hand twice in quick succession to see if its shape does change – which strangely enough DOES CHANGE most of the time in dreaming reality (with a 80%–90% success rate in general).

If somebody performs a reality check often enough during waking reality it then becomes a habit which will translate into dreaming reality. And when performed within dreaming reality the hand might display less or more fingers or shift into different shapes, therefore becoming a proof for the reality you are currently resting in. If that does not blow your mind?! But it is a proofen method practiced by lucid dreaming practitioners all around the world.

Please enjoy this series and get inspired for your own dream practice by following his instagram feet. For more artistic work by Florian please visit